* Due to mechanical trouble of the isolation tank, we decided to stop accepting reservations. 
We are sorry for the inconvenience.

 About Lenka

Lenka isolation tank salon is an opportunity for you to take time out from your busy schedule in order to relax, unwind, and rediscover your true self away from the stresses of everyday life.

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 About the isolation tank

During daily life an estimated 90% of our mental and physical activity is devoted to maintaining our balance against the stimulation that comes at us from all directions.
The isolation tank is a unique opportunity to remove yourself completely from the stresses of this sensory input and so allow your mind and body to heal. When you recline into the tank you are immersed in perfect silence and darkness, accompanied by a sense of weightlessness from the buoyancy effect of the warm salt water. Removed from all the normal sensory inputs, you are free to sink into a state of deep relaxation and rest which allows your body and mind to heal unhindered by outside input.
The isolation tank is a unique healing experience for each individual. Please visit our website to read about the experiences of our users.

 Isolation tanks - a global phenomenon

Isolation tanks are still relatively new to Japan, but since their beginnings in America in the 1970’s they have become a worldwide phenomenon. In Europe, America and Australia people from all walks of life use the tank for stress relief and as a chance for introspection and personal development. Professional athletes use the tank to promote post-workout healing and develop their abilities through image training, and people in creative fields use the tank because it helps them to find inspiration and access their creative potential.

 About the i-sopod Lenka

 Our tank is the i-sopod. Manufactured in England, the i-sopod features illumination settings and can be used with the lid open so that people who might be uncomfortable with the idea of total darkness or an enclosed space can enjoy the relaxation the tank offers.


Now whenever I close my eyes,
I instantly feel 10 times more relaxed.
This is amazing!
Thanks for the inspiring experience!


 This is awesome. I have never felt this kind of relaxation ever before. In the tank every little tension in my body just seems to dissolve, one by one, until I just melt into the water. My mind does the same thing, gradually my thoughts get quieter and fewer and further apart until I am just floating, not thinking about anything at all, just quietly aware of the serenity. I can really feel the effects after I get out too, I sit down in the relaxation room and I am just smiling, and all day and the next day too I can feel my whole body is just so much more relaxed. It really is fantastic - I can't recommend it enough!


   More testimonials >>  Lenka blog: English Testimonials


Session Length:
          60 minutes ¥ 7,560
          90 minutes ¥10,800
        120 minutes ¥12,960         (all prices include sales tax)
* We accept Japanese Yen and credit card (Visa or Master).
* It often takes people about three sessions to start to feel the full benefit of the tank experience. To help get you started we 
  offer 20~50% off for members (permanent membership costs ¥10,800)  (incl. tax)
* For your first session, please allow an extra hour in addition to your session length.
* From your second time onward, please allow 30 minutes in addition to your session length.
* You will need to shower before and after using the tank, for which we provide shampoo, body soap, make-up remover, and
  lotion. If you would like to use any additional products then please feel free to bring them with you.
* We have a relaxation room for you to use after your session. To get the most out of your session please allow yourself
  time to relax before you leave.
* We politely ask that women who are menstruating to refrain from using the tank at this time.


We are three minutes by car from expressway
exit 2 (Nishihara)

1-2-6-3 Kakazu Ginowan-shi
Okinawa 901-2226

(On online maps, please find this address:
 1-2-7 Kakazu Ginowan-shi)

* We moved from Kitanakagusuku to Ginowan
  on January 2014.


* Due to mechanical trouble of the isolation tank, we decided to stop accepting reservations. 
We are sorry for the inconvenience.


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